Bicycle Air Monitoring Program


Our map is live! Choose your day, narrow the time frame, zoom in and out–the interactive map shows all of the data we’ve already received and allows you to use a nice range of filtering options. Try it out!

To go more in-depth, the purpose of this program is to study the objective data gathered by citizens equipped with a laser particle counter and GPS system. The goal of this project is to convey its findings (large and small particulate counts over time and space) as an easily-interpretable map. Large particulates are known as PM10, and small particulates as PM2.5, with the former able to stay in the air for minutes to hours, while the latter can remain in the air for hours to weeks, and travel very long distances. Due to the constantly-changing nature of the air, the more data we collect over routes over time, the more accurate will be the representation of our city. This will promote understanding of any major problems, and suggest ways to enact change.