Diesel Campaign

Diesel exhaust poses a serious risk to Allegheny County residents’ health. Diesel exhaust causes asthma attacks and asthma onset, coughing and breathing difficulty, chronic bronchitis, decreased lung function, heart attacks, stroke, and even premature death. Diesel exhaust was recently pinpointed as the leading inhalation cancer risk in Pittsburgh. Children, the elderly, and people with existing respiratory ailments are especially sensitive to diesel pollution.

GASP and partners work to reduce toxic diesel pollution from all types of diesel vehicles including school and transit buses, garbage trucks, construction vehicles, locomotives, and marine vessels operating in Allegheny County.

To discuss diesel pollution issues or to request a “No Idling” sign for your school, please contact idling@gasp-pgh.org.

GASP advocates to reduce diesel exhaust in our community in many ways:

  • Retrofitting existing vehicles with new pollution controls, such as diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts
  • Requiring ultra low sulfur diesel fuel or cleaner alternative fuels
  • Installing closed crankcase ventilation systems, especially for school and transit buses
  • Rebuilding or replacing older engines in existing vehicles
  • Truck stop electrification programs
  • Requiring cleanup of trucks and construction equipment used in public works projects

Learn more about the ways GASP works to reduce this dangerous pollutant:

Allegheny County’s Off-Road/Construction Idling Regulation
City of Pittsburgh Waste Haulers
Clean Construction Legislation
Cleaning up school buses
Pennsylvania’s Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act
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