Hazelwood and Coke

GASP was part of a strong coalition that kept the LTV Coke Works in Hazelwood under close watch, and after it closed, this coalition fought to keep a new coke plant from taking its place. Here are some resources that provide detailed information about this issue:

May 1999 Update: Sun Coke decided to look elsewhere (specifically Haverhill, Ohio) for the new coke plant. Congratulations to the members of GASP, CHOC, and the neighboring communities for their commitment and hard work in making known to the City of Pittsburgh and Sun Coke Co. that we would not stand for a new coke plant in our urban community.

The Case Against a New Coke Plant for Pittsburgh by Walter Goldburg, GASP Board Member

“Hazelwood History: Industrial Expansion Driving Out Old-Fashioned Homesteads,” The Pittsburg Leader, January 27, 1901.

The Proposed Non-Recovery Coke Plant in Hazelwood by Walter Goldburg, GASP Board Member

GASP’s Public Meeting on the Proposed Non-recovery Coke Plant in Hazelwood: August 5, 1998

Problems with the LTV Mill are Old and Bad by Susanne Robb, a member of GASP

LTV Swan Song Scenario — from GASP Hotline, Winter 1998

GASP Files Notice of Intent to Sue LTV — January 26, 1998

The following organizations have taken a position against the proposed coke plant:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette articles

“Farewell to the city’s last Big Steel plant,” July 12, 1999.
“City to buy LTV site in Hazelwood for project,” June 15, 1999.
“Hazelwood coke plan breathes its last: Dawida, Murphy say Sun will build elsewhere,” May 6, 1999.
“Sun looking in region for coke plant site,” Mar. 12, 1999.
“Sun coke plant permit bid sent back for lack of information,” Mar. 11, 1999.
“Sun told to add pollution controls,” Feb. 25, 1999.
“Tax-free zone at city coke site is dead,” Dec. 24, 1998.
“School board to rethink coke plant,” Dec. 22, 1998.
“South Side success,” Nov. 28, 1998.
“Major plant losings to raise rates,” Nov. 21, 1998.
“Council to weigh giving public more say in LTV site cleanup,” Nov. 18, 1998.
“Opponents of coke plant fail to convince Murphy,” Nov. 5, 1998.
“Murphy OKs meeting with coke plant foes,” Oct. 27, 1998.
“Murphy changes mind on route for highway,” Oct. 23, 1998.
“USW joins USX in protesting imports,” Oct. 21, 1998.
“Specter takes hard hat line on imports,” Oct. 13, 1998.
“Cleaner air data fuel debate on coke plant,” Oct. 7, 1998.
“Nearby residents vent concerns about plant planned for LTV site,” Oct. 6, 1998.
“Coke plant expansion goes ahead (Neville Island),” Sept. 17, 1998.
“Shock waves from fall of ruble reach here,” Sept. 4, 1998.
“Official says Coke plant may get permit,” Aug. 19, 1998.
“Neighbors, city clash at forum on Coke plant,” Aug. 6, 1998.
“Sun Coke plant sets shining example,” Aug. 2, 1998.
“Close look at a Coke plant (Vansant),” Jul. 31, 1998.
“Better with coke,” Jul. 17, 1998.
“Murphy believes coke plant in works,” Jul. 15, 1998.
“County getting 2 coke plant proposals,” Jul. 9, 1998.
“Without credits, coke plant not likely,” Jun. 3, 1998.
“The plume is gone. But we can’t forget Hazelwood,” May 27, 1998.
“LTV plant closure helps bump up region’s jobless rate,” Apr. 28, 1998.
“It’s too soon to get excited, but manufacturing jobs are growing,” Apr. 10, 1998.
“LTV facing multimillion-dollar fine,” Mar. 31, 1998.
“Murphy’s flaw,” Mar. 29, 1998.
“Alcosan stops release of LTV’s wastewater,” Mar. 27, 1998.
“Murphy warming to northern MFE route,” Mar. 20, 1998.
“O’Connor touts northern MFE route,” Mar. 17, 1998.
“Indiana plant to make coke, power,” Feb. 20, 1998.
“New LTV plant in works,” Feb. 20, 1998.
“Regions future not like its past,” Feb. 19, 1998.
“Closing, not closure,” Feb. 18, 1998.
“USW asks LTV to amend plant decision,” Feb. 17, 1998.
“Ruling near on LTV coke plant,” Feb. 16, 1998.
“LTV plan for repair of plant criticized,” Feb. 16, 1998.
“LTV coke plant pollution is topic of meeting,” Feb. 16, 1998.
“Last gasp for plant?” Feb. 11, 1998.
“LTV asks for decision to be made in 30 days,” Jan. 21, 1998.
“Steelmaker must give plan to keep plant open,” Jan. 13, 1998.
“Prospective Buyer to talk with LTV,” Dec. 31, 1997.
“LTV and task force to discuss coke mill,” Dec. 11, 1997.
“USW gets political help to save LTV plant,” Dec. 4, 1997.