Mon-Fayette Expressway

There were/are a multi-billion dollar series of road projects being planned for the Greater Pittsburgh area known as the Mon-Fayette Expressway. The project was extremely controversial and after some construction, further work appears to be on hold. For now.

GASP’s DEIS Comments on the Mon/Fayette Toll Road

GASP Position on the Mon/Fayette Toll Road

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) Released – Information about the Mon/Fayette Public Hearings, how to submit written comments on the DEIS (written comments were due on September 9, 2002).

Reviewing and Commenting on the DEIS – The University of Pittsburgh Environmental Law Clinic has prepared these guidelines to help citizens review the DEIS and submit written comments.

Voice Your Concerns about the Mon/Fayette – The University of Pittsburgh Environmental Law Clinic has prepared a second document to guide citizens through the review process of the DEIS. Specific topics like air quality, environmental justice and funding are addressed.

Dead End: Why the Mon-Fayette Expressway and the Southern Beltway are Bad Choices for the Pittsburgh Region, a report released by the Surface Transportation Policy Project, Zero Population Growth and the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation.

Background/In-Depth Information

GASP Hotline articles:

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