2010 Hotlines

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Fall 2010

  • GASP Asks EPA to Strengthen Clean Air Transport Rule to Protect Southwestern Pennsylvania
  • Marcellus Shale: A Threat to Our Air
  • In the Marcellus Drilling Fields
  • Pitt GSPH Panel Discussion on Marcellus Shale
  • Board of Health approves a Clean Air Fund Expenditure Request to Cut Diesel Emissions from Construction Vehicles
  • Smoke School
  • Region’s Tugboats Get a Little Greener
  • Kids Passionate about Clean Air
  • Peddle-Paddle-Peduto: Ohio River Kayaking Tour on October 2
  • Of Costumes and Cookies
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • GASPtoberfest: GASP’s Fall Fundraiser on Saturday, October 16

Summer 2010

  • The American Lung Association State of the Air Report: Pittsburgh 3rd Worst in Nation for Short-Term Particle Pollution
  • Behind the Veil of Fragrance
  • CMU’s President Cohon Speaks about the Hidden Costs of Energy
  • RRI Cheswick Power Plant Update
  • Clean Construction Legislation Introduced for Pittsburgh Projects
  • Getting in the Door at the Variance Board
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • New Pediatric Environmental Medicine Center Addresses Childhood Asthma
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Zelda Curtiss
  • Fall for GASP

Spring 2010

  • GASP Efforts Lead to Emission and Opacity Limits at Steel Plant
  • Don’t Be Fuelish, Idling Makes No Cents! PA’s New Diesel Idling Law
  • Updates on GASP Campaigns
  • Marcellus Shale: Drilling Towards Financial Windfall or Environmental Heartbreak
  • GASP and National Politics
  • Earth Day 1970: 40 Years of Environmental Activism
  • Hays Woods Update
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • My Time Interning at GASP
  • Kudos to Two GASP Advisory Board Members
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Julie Burgo
  • Save the Date
  • Before You Flip That Switch: The Hidden Costs of Energy

Winter 2010

  • Air Quality Task Force Recommendations
  • Media Matters
  • Enforcement of Visible Emissions
  • GASP Weighs in on Clairton Particle Pollution
  • Reducing Diesel Emissions in the ‘Burgh
  • 40 Years of Environmental Accomplishments
  • Education and Advocacy in 2009
  • GASP Celebrates 40 Years and 40 Environmental Heroes
  • National Eco-Adventure Film Begins and Ends in Pittsburgh!
  • GASP’s Progressive Roots
  • Pittsburgh’s Green Buildings
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Jamin Bogi
  • Seeking GASP Board Nominees