Clean Up at the Coke Plant

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Hotline, Fall 2000

On Thursday, November 16, 2000 LTV conducted a public presentation of its Risk Assessment Report. This report details the risks to human health associated with the contamination levels present at the former coke plant site.

For purposes of analysis the site was divided into two parcels, 10 acres which were previously found to contain the highest contamination, and 120 acres which were found to have a low level of contamination. Four categories of human activity associated with future development of the site were considered: commercial workers, construction workers, trespassers, and neighbors outside of the site.

The only excess health risks that resulted from the analysis were located in the “dirty” parcel and limited to construction workers performing subsurface work and to trespassers who visited the site over a period of years. Otherwise the site as it exists does not pose any health risks in future non-residential development.

In response to various questions about current activities on the site, Jim Kastner, LTV’s Project Manager, made himself available to handle residents’ concerns. Jim can be reached at (412) 227-5365 during normal business hours, as well as through the security guard at (412) 227-5488 any other time. He stated that portions of the coal-handling facility near the river will be demolished by the end of this year.

As a follow-up to this presentation, KU Resources will present its analysis of LTV’s Report on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 7 pm at the Carbarn, 5344 Second Avenue. KU Resources is an environmental engineering firm which has been hired to consult with the community on LTV’s remediation of the former coke plant site. All interested residents are urged to attend.

by Fran Bertonaschi, GASP Member and Hazelwood Initiative Member