Mon/Fayette Special Edition: Planning for the Future in Hazelwood

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Planning for the Future in Hazelwood

Hotline, Fall 2001

by Fran Bertonaschi, Chairperson of the Planning Committee of the Hazelwood Initiative

Two years ago, Hazelwood residents played a crucial role in preventing Sun Coke from building a new coke plant on the site of LTV’s former coke plant. This victory lead to the Master Plan process, which culminated in a design workshop this Spring in which an overall vision was formulated to guide future development of the LTV site and the revitalization of the community as a whole.

One major theme that was common to the scenarios that were developed in that workshop was that the proposed Mon/Fayette Expressway was not part of the vision of the future of Hazelwood. Based on this conclusion that the highway project was not compatible with the future of the community, the membership of the Hazelwood Initiative has decided to oppose the PA Turnpike Commission’s plan for the highway.

Once again, an entity from outside the community has decided to impose a major project on the residents of Hazelwood. We have been asked to comment on the design of the highway, and where we would prefer it to be located within the neighborhood. However, at no time did the Turnpike Commission consider whether the community wanted this project at all.

In the coming months, there will be opportunities to demonstrate opposition to the Mon/Fayette highway. Read the “Hazelwood Homepage” at for more information.