Mon/Fayette Special Edition: Northern vs. Southern Routes of Mon/Fayette Toll Road

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Northern vs. Southern Routes of Mon/Fayette Toll Road

Hotline, Fall 2001

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Mr. Thomas Fox, Manager, Public Involvement Program
November 30, 2000

Dear Mr. Fox,

I am writing on behalf of the West Mifflin Borough Council to express the Borough of West Mifflin’s support of the “northern” alignment for the Mon-Fayette Expressway. Back in January of 1999, West Mifflin Borough passed Resolution #978 supporting the northern-shore alignment as the best possible alignment to support further economic development of the many Mon Valley communities.

A major concern that West Mifflin Borough has with a “southern” alignment would be with the impact to the Kennywood Amusement Park, that in addition to being a historical landmark is also a vital part of the economic base to the Borough of West Mifflin and the West Mifflin Area School District. In preliminary discussions with representatives of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Mackin Engineering, a southern alignment in the Borough’s mind could necessitate the removal of some of the rides at Kennywood. The Borough would hate to see this happen in that we have been supportive of Kennywood’s expansion plans in the past and hopefully in the future.

The Borough also understands that the communities of the north shore alignment such as Braddock, Rankin, Swissvale and the city of Pittsburgh are in favor of the northern alignment in hopes of creating the opportunity for economic development. West Mifflin would support them in this endeavor. It would allow them the opportunity for new economic growth and development while at the same time preserving the vitality of the Kennywood Amusement Park. Other communities on the south shore would also benefit by allowing them to proceed with projects already underway, such as the Waterfront project in Munhall, Homestead and West Homestead.

West Mifflin Borough would encourage and request that the Turnpike Commission endorse the northern alignment for the Mon/Fayette Expressway. Communities on both side of the Mononagahela river support the northern alignment. It would provide an economic stimulation to the north shore communities and protect existing developments of the south shore communities.

Howard J. Bednar
Borough Manager, West Mifflin