Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: David Fowler

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Hotline, Spring 2002

David Fowler, who retired a few years ago after long service in the history department at Carnegie Mellon University, joined the GASP Board in 1998 and was elected second vice president of GASP last year. He is committed to keeping the air as clean as possible and making it cleaner. “We are in large part what we breathe, so we must all work for better air for better health,” he says. His work for GASP has included writing articles for the Hotline, speaking at action meetings, helping maintain GASP records, and serving on the Board’s committees.

Before becoming an historian, he spent some years writing and editing the Harford Courant in Connecticut. He is married to Lois Josephs Fowler, like him a retired English professor from CMU. They are kept by two Siamese cats.