Green-e: Renewable Energy In Pennsylvania

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Hotline, Summer 1998

Pennsylvania recently celebrated the addition of competitive renewable energy certification to its statewide electricity options. Launched Thursday, July 30, the new program, called Green-e, guarantees through certification by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) that customers who subscribe to a clean energy program in Pennsylvania receive power produced with a minimum of 50 percent renewable resources. “Ninety-eight percent of Pennsylvania’s current electricity comes from dirty and outdated sources, yet more than three-fourth’s of our state’s electricity customers want renewable energy,” said Liz Robinson, executive director of the Energy Coordinating Agency, Green-e’s sponsor in Pennsylvania. “Now that Green-e is here, these customers can finally get what they want.” Qualifying programs will have the right to put the Green-e logo on their promotional materials, a seal that guarantees a minimum of 50 percent renewable-source energy, that any non-renewable energy used in the product does not exceed emissions in the non-clean power option, and that the company offering the product agrees to abide by CRS’s code of conduct. More information can be found at Green-e’s website: