Spotlight on a Board Member: Michael Kaizar

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Hotline, Winter 2003

Mike Kaizar Pittsburgh has held an allure for Michael Kaizar since he first visited the city over ten years ago while looking for a college to attend. He is a native of the Philadelphia area, and he felt a need to get away from “the sprawl that so characterizes Philly.” Pittsburgh immediately reminded him of San Francisco with its steep slopes and beautiful scenery. Once he looked at a map and realized just how many wild places there are within an hour’s drive, he was hooked. Mike says, “I moved to Pittsburgh in 1993 and never looked back.”

Mike graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997 with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and a strong interest in the environment. He heard that GASP was looking for a part-time bookkeeper and the next thing he knew he was running the organization’s finances. In the ensuing time, GASP has grown from being a small organization with one part-time employee to a significantly larger one with two full-time employees, interns and volunteers. GASP’s finances and administration have likewise increased in complexity. The bookkeeping was recently transferred over to the staff as it became too big of a burden for a volunteer. Mike now acts as the Treasurer, keeping an eye on the finances of the organization, making sure the federal and state papers are filed each year, and working with the Finance Committee to prepare a budget and keep the Board of Directors informed on financial issues.

Mike currently works for the Allegheny County Controller’s Office as a staff auditor. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh’s MBA program in June 2001 and is now preparing to take the CPA exam this spring.

He lives in the Greenfield section of Pittsburgh with his wife and their dog Sammy. He has a special interest in the outdoors, and during the warmer months you can find Mike outside gardening, backpacking, and working on his house. He also likes to play board games, play the mandolin, compose haiku, and paint watercolors.

Mike’s favorite thing about GASP is that it is an effective organization that has earned the respect of all the entities with which it works. As he points out, “The board members of GASP are a thoughtful, educated group of people who are more interested in clean air than status or recognition. GASP is a strong organization that has a bright future and I am proud to play a part.”

GASP is looking for active volunteers from all walks of life. If you are interested in joining GASP as a board member, advisory board member or other volunteer, please contact the GASP office at (412) 441-6650 or