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UPMC Initiates Clean Construction Policy

The new system-wide UPMC policy will require all construction equipment of 25 horsepower or greater used on demolition and construction projects, as well as landscape installations, to meet the most stringent diesel emissions standards. The contractor will be required to provide UPMC with certification issued by a supplier or manufacturer that the equipment meets the emission requirements.

GASP and Clean Water Action, co-leaders of the Allegheny County Partnership to Reduce Diesel Pollution, praised UPMC for their forward-looking policy. The groups encouraged UPMC to enact the policy and provided some guidance on its creation.

Construction equipment makes up a considerable portion of our region’s diesel particulate emissions, so a decrease in emissions of that type would mean less air pollution locally. A large construction site can create a public health risk for the surrounding community by consistently emitting large amounts of soot that negatively impact air quality. Hospitals have an obligation to promote healthy lifestyles and communities and to safeguard patients’ health, making UPMC’s announcement that much more significant.

Check out UPMC’s press release here.

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  1. Peri Unligil, M.D. says:

    great news – hoping it will be followed up by Pittsburgh City Council passing the Clean Construction bill ASAP…

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