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2018 GASP Board Ballot

These are the 2018 nominees for reelection to the GASP Board. Only dues-paying GASP members are permitted to vote. Please follow these directions to vote for nominees:

  1. Please mark “Yes” or “No” for each nominee.
  2. Please complete your ballot by November 28, 2017.
  3. Candidates will be elected by a simple majority of member votes and the results announced at the December 6th board meeting.

The terms for these individuals will run from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019.

2018 GASP Board Ballot

    Maren Cooke is the Secretary of GASP. She is a planetary scientist by training, having received her PhD from Cornell in 1991. After a postdoc at MIT, she worked for NASA but also stepped up her activities in science education including teaching, informal outreach, and curriculum development and illustration. A lifelong environmentalist, Maren has been active on air quality, climate change, land use, and other sustainability issues since coming to Pittsburgh in 2000. She began working with GASP in 2003.
    David Eibling is a practicing Ear-Nose-Throat physician at the VA Pittsburgh and a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh. His career has focused on treating patients with head and neck cancer and teaching, primarily to residents, medical students, physicians and nurses. Throughout his career he has maintained an active interest in one specific source of pollution–tobacco combustion–an interest now expanded to include other sources of pollution that affect all of us, even when outside our homes and businesses.
    Janis Johnson has been serving as the GASP Treasurer since 2007. Her duties have included overseeing the preparation of financial statements, handling the independent audit, planning and monitoring the budget, and preparing the tax returns. In addition, she has been active in fundraising. She is a retired CPA with a BA degree from the College of Wooster and an MS in taxation from Robert Morris University. As an avid participant in outdoor activities, she is committed to improving the air quality in the Pittsburgh region.
    Jonathan Nadle has been the President of GASP since 2002. He previously served as 1st Vice President and Board Secretary. He's a Penn State grad and worked for 21 years doing building energy audits for a local nonprofit, before co-founding a small rental business featuring energy efficient homes. Jonathan loves Pittsburgh and wants our region to have cleaner air and more employment opportunities.
    Peri Unligil is a physician with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, specializing in internal medicine, and is also a clinical assistant professor there. She studied biochemistry and then medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is very interested in the influence of environmental exposures on human health, and in the health of our local and global environment. She has been a resident of Pittsburgh and member of the Allegheny Group of the Sierra Club for over ten years.
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