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GASP, Because Love Isn’t the Only Thing in the Air This Valentine’s Day

Romantic: Candlelit dinners, mushy cards, and couples massages.

Not romantic: Hacking up a lung, asthma triggers, and the smell of rotten eggs wafting through the night air.

Sad but true (and decidedly unromantic): Love isn’t the only thing in the air this Valentine’s Day. Pittsburgh has long been plagued by poor air quality, an issue GASP has been working to improve for more than 50 years.

This Valentine’s Day, why not think outside the heart-shaped box and get your sweetie something that won’t wilt like those overpriced red roses: The gift of a GASP membership.

Hear us out: Every year, nearly a billion Valentines are sent and more than 36 million boxes of chocolates are purchased. As for roses? More than 110 million will be wrapped in plastic and sent along to their recipients.

All that adds up to a tremendous amount of waste.

So why not buck the Valentine’s Day trend and avoid adding to the garbage pile by joining the burgeoning Clean Air Movement in the ‘Burgh. The gift of GASP is, in a way, the gift of hope, the gift of progress—a gift from the heart that gives a little love to your Valentine’s lungs.

Single? All the more reason to help yourself to a GASP membership. Seriously: A recent survey from the dating site Zoosk revealed that a whopping 78 percent of singles were looking for a date who cares about the environment. Of those folks, 33 percent said environmental consciousness is very important to them.

Convinced? You can purchase a membership online, or call our office manager, Kathy Lawson, at 412-924-0604 x204 to pay over the phone. Questions or concerns? Just email us at

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