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Trust Us: This Mother’s Day Gift Will Be a Breath of Fresh Air

Some moms like flowers. 

Some moms like brunch. 

Other moms like chocolates. 

But you know what ALL moms like? Fresh, clean air. So why don’t you gift mom something she’ll really appreciate this year – a membership to GASP (Bonus: It won’t break the bank with membership rates starting at $20).

Members of GASP will receive exclusive invites to educational and advocacy events throughout the year (some of which have been moved online as we navigate a new normal and stay at home united against the spread of COVID-19). She will also get our weekly GASP Alert – an e-newsletter that will keep her posted on all the latest air pollution news, petitions, public meetings and more.

Because we want your mom to know what an engaged citizen you are, we will also send her a note next week to let her know about her gift. And honestly, we’re gonna take that opportunity to brag a little about you – your support means everything to our small but fiesty nonprofit.

We mean that: Our members are essential to what we do here at GASP – and we’re not just talking about their crucial financial support. A keystone of our mission is to be a watchdog, to ensure that both industrial polluters and the government agencies charged with overseeing them are following the rules and are being held accountable when they don’t. 

While it’s not our first resort, sometimes being a watchdog involves being a litigator. And members like your mom give us standing to initiate or intervene in legal cases when clean air is in jeopardy.

I guess what we’re trying to say is, your mom just won’t be a “member” of GASP. She’ll be part of our team, a clean air ambassador, someone who is doing their part to make sure we can all breathe easy. 

To purchase a membership for your mom for Mother’s Day, just email our communications manager at with your mom’s name, email and mailing addresses (so we can send her a card!), and she will email back the link to complete the membership purchase. Please don’t hesitate to email her if you have questions or concerns, either!

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