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Trivia Time Alert: GASP, St. Patrick’s Day & Puppets Collide at Upcoming Trivia Night FUNdraiser

This isn’t your father’s trivia night. In fact, GASP’s upcoming fundraiser is probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 

No, seriously. 

That ain’t hyperbole: Our St. Patrick’s themed trivia fundraiser – slated for 7 p.m. March 14 – will have a decidedly ‘70s game show feel, with live music from a local electro-pop duo, and comedy and puppets courtesy of our friend Dave English, a ‘Burgh-based educator, artist, puppeteer (and all-round good guy).

And speaking of puppets, GASP’s upcoming trivia night will actually be hosted by one. 

You heard us right: We’re talking, of course, about our venerable spokes bird Dirty Gertie the Poor Polluted Birdy. Those who attended our first trivia night this past fall might recall that GASP’s ‘70s era mascot was transformed into a bright-read hand puppet to help teach a new generation of difference-makers about the perils of air pollution thanks to English and a few new friends in the local arts scene.

It’s almost too weird *not* to check out, right? Well, we’re not gonna argue with you there. We’re just gonna encourage you to go ahead and register NOW to join our FUNdraiser (emphasis is definitely on the “fun”).

Ours is a donate-what-you-can affair. The minimum donation to attend is $5, with a recommended donation of $25 (and let’s be honest: those who are able and amenable to donating *more* than $25 are pretty much clean air heroes).

Speaking of clean air…that’s why GASP is hosting these kinds of events: We are, after all, a small watchdog nonprofit looking to stay financially afloat in the time of COVID-19.

Because here’s the thing: We have some significant air quality fights coming up that we’ll need to fund. 

Example: While it is promising that the Allegheny County Board of Health voted to approve a new fee schedule for air quality permits, it’s not a done deal. Not even close: The proposed changes now head to Allegheny County Council, where several board of health members expected significant pushback.

And that’s not all: Allegheny County Health Department is still mulling several important regulation changes – those governing coke oven gas emissions as well as ones that address episodic weather conditions that spur short-term air pollution events.

“These are all things that GASP has strongly advocated for and we intend on continuing to do all we can to ensure that all of those regulations are as protective of public health as possible,” our Executive Director Rachel Filippini said. “We’re hoping that providing these kinds of fun, kind of off-the-wall fundraisers will help us raise much-needed money to continue what we see as crucial watchdog work.”

She added: “Thank you so much to everyone who has already registered to play. It’s really going to be a fantastic time with great prizes. The fact that funds benefit clean air initiatives is really just gravy.”

You can register for the event here.

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