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how you can speak out on decree

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  1. Colleen Cummings says:

    I want every person to know how severely the air quality has affected my breathing and health. I can smell sulphur in the air 5 out of 7 days, with the odor on Sundays being the worst!! My lungs should have NOT gotten worse after moving to Wilkins Twp, 6-7 yrs. ago.. yet they did. Why? I can smell and see the affects from this pollution. My car gets a dusting as well as EACH OF OUR LUNGS !! (all newborns-lungs still forming? elderly? sick?) I BELIEVED MURDER, A PUNISHABLE CRIME? I guess if you can line pockets, it is not?! How is this legal and even worse go unpunished ? We have been robbed of our basic rights: the freedom, liberty & happiness to breathe clean air!! THESE CRIMINAL ACTS SHOULD BE PUNISHED AND MADE TO STOP!!

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