Staff & Board


Rachel Filippini, Executive Director

Rachel has worked at GASP since 2001, and took on the role of Executive Director in 2004. She has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. With GASP, she has spearheaded new Allegheny County air quality legislation, increased GASP’s educational work in local communities and schools, and kept air pollution issues in the public eye. Under her leadership, GASP has developed a comprehensive diesel program and the Athletes United for Healthy Air campaign.

In 2009, Rachel was named one of Pittsburgh’s “40 Under 40,” and in 2011 one of the Women and Girls Foundation’s “Women Greening the Pittsburgh Region.” Rachel was appointed to Allegheny County’s Air Pollution Control Advisory Committee in 2017 and currently serves on the board of Pittsburgh United. See our Spotlight on GASP Staff article in our Hotline.

Chelsea Hilty, Education and Events Coordinator

Chelsea received a bachelor of arts degree in environmental studies from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013. After graduation she worked as an educator at several environmentally focused non-profits and after-school programs around the city. Prior to her position at GASP she served as an Air Quality Fellow through the SCA’s Green Cities Sustainability Corps, educating people in the region about air quality issues.

John Baillie, Staff Attorney

John received his Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania and his bachelor of science degree from Georgetown University. Before joining GASP, John worked for another environmental organization in Pittsburgh, where he focused on regional air quality issues, gas drilling, and the regulation of public utilities. John has also worked as a litigation attorney at law firms in Pittsburgh and as an in-house attorney for a railroad company. See our Spotlight on GASP Staff article in our Hotline.

Kathy Lawson, Office Manager

During Kathy’s marriage to a CPA working for Ford Motor Co., she lived in seven different homes in seven states in seven years–with two children younger than six in tow. When they moved back to Pittsburgh, she started a CPA firm with her husband and subsequently received an associate’s degree in accounting from CCAC.

After working for a number of local CPA firms, she started her own small business service company. One of her early clients, The Learning Disabilities Association of America, hired her as their first Healthy Children Project Coordinator. This was Kathy’s introduction to the field of environmental health and she was bitten by the “save the world” bug. Next came a stint with Clean Water Action, where she worked with GASP on air issues. She enjoys reading non-fiction, gardening, knitting socks for friends, and hugging her grandchildren.

Ned Mulcahy, Staff Attorney

Ned earned a Juris Doctor in 2009 and MPH in 2010 from the University of Pittsburgh. He received a bachelor of arts degree in political science with a minor in chemistry from Allegheny College in 2001. Ned’s professional career has taken a few different turns but his focus has always been on protecting natural resources and the environment. Away from GASP, Ned tends to his garden and his fixer-upper home in equal turns.

Suzanne Seppi, Project Manager

Sue served as GASP’s executive director for six years before deciding to work for GASP part time. Sue has an MA in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor of science degree from Pennsylvania State University in biology education. Prior to becoming executive director, she served as a long-time board member of GASP. See our Spotlight on GASP Staff article in our Hotline.

Amanda Gillooly, Communications Manager

Amanda Gillooly was hired in February 2019 to serve as GASP’s communications manager. She is an award-winning journalist who has written for myriad news organizations in western Pennsylvania, including the Post-Gazette, Tribune-Review, Observer-Reporter, Beaver County Times, and Most recently, she served as a writer and social media specialist for several Pittsburgh law firms, and was previously the public relations specialist at Canon-McMillan School District.

Gillooly, who graduated from Point Park University with a bachelor of arts degree in journalism, has been called a crazy cat lady (she has four; they rule her life) and is admittedly a political junkie, having volunteered on a congressional race and myriad state and local elections.

Board of Directors

Maren Cooke, PhD

Maren Cooke is the Secretary of GASP. She is a planetary scientist by training, having received her PhD from Cornell in 1991. After a postdoc at MIT, she worked for NASA but also stepped up her activities in science education including teaching, informal outreach, and curriculum development and illustration. A lifelong environmentalist, Maren has been active on air quality, land use, and other sustainability issues since coming to Pittsburgh in 2000. She began working with GASP in 2003. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Zelda Curtiss

Zelda Curtiss served as supervising attorney for the Environmental Law Clinic at Duquesne University School of Law, Clinical Program in 2008 and from 1979 through 2007 as an assistant regional counsel and supervising attorney at the PA Department of Environmental Protection. Her responsibilities there included work in the NPDES, sewage, mining, waste, wetlands, oil and gas, storage tanks, and remediation areas. Zelda has extensive trial and appellate experience. Zelda received her JD from Duquesne University, School of Law. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Roger Day

Roger Day, ScD, has been an associate professor of biomedical informatics and biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh for 28 years and is a consultant for ALung Technologies. He is an effective study design consultant, data analyst, and software developer–skills which will contribute to GASP’s mission. With retirement impending, he can return to his roots in public health. His interest in air pollution issues in the region stem from their adverse effects on a sensitive family member and from the region’s “leading” role in the country in poor air quality. His interests in the global issues stem from the frightening level of adverse health effects from harsh air quality in Asia. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

David Eibling, MD

David Eibling is a practicing Ear-Nose-Throat physician at the VA Pittsburgh and a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh. His career has focused on treating patients with head and neck cancer and teaching, primarily to residents, medical students, physicians and nurses. Throughout his career he has maintained an active interest in one specific source of pollution–tobacco combustion–an interest now expanded to include other sources of pollution that affect all of us, even when outside our homes and businesses. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

James Fabisiak, PhD

James Fabisiak, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Environmental & Occupational Health at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. He performed graduate studies in Pharmacology at NYS College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University (MS) and Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine (PhD). He now conducts cellular and molecular toxicological research pertaining to the response of the lung to environmental insults such as air pollution, as well as working on applied and translational environmental health issues in Pittsburgh communities. He has been a resident of Pittsburgh for over 25 years and a representative for the University on the Air Quality Collaborative for the last 4 years. Dr. Fabisiak wants to not only help improve the regional air quality but also raise awareness as to how this issue relates to the global problems of climate change and sustainability. Dr. Fabisiak is the 2nd Vice President of GASP’s Board.See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Marla Ferrency

Marla Ferrency has been involved with GASP since the mid 1990’s. She is currently GASP’s newsletter editor and serves on the event committee. She has a BA in Environmental Studies from Gettysburg College and is active in several local non-profit organizations, including Arsenal Family & Children’s Center, the Environmental Charter School at Frick Park, Allegheny Group of the Sierra Club, and the Pittsburgh Mothers’ Center. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Karen Grzywinski

Karen Grzywinski has an undergraduate and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. She has been a volunteer with GASP’s Smoke Readers since the program began. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Frances Harkins

Frances Harkins is a native of the Pittsburgh area. She studied at Carnegie Mellon University (BA) and the University of Michigan (MA). Her work experience includes 27 years in teaching at the middle and high school levels. For twenty-four of those years she worked as a school library-media specialist. More recently in the summers of 2007 and 2008, she worked on staff as the GASP Outreach Coordinator. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Janis Johnson

Janis Johnson has been serving as the GASP Treasurer since 2007. Her duties have included overseeing the preparation of financial statements, handling the independent audit, planning and monitoring the budget, and preparing the tax returns. In addition, she has been active in fundraising. She is a retired CPA with a BA degree from the College of Wooster and an MS in taxation from Robert Morris University. As an avid participant in outdoor activities, she is committed to improving the air quality in the Pittsburgh region. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Jonathan Nadle

Jonathan Nadle is the President of GASP. He served previously as 1st Vice President for three years and as Board Secretary for five years. He has a BA in Political Science from Penn State University, and now works as an energy efficiency expert. Jonathan is an active member of Pittsburgh’s environmental community. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Abby Resnick

Abby Resnick, MA, is a biostatistician with over 35 years experience in that capacity and project management, from development through implementation and analysis. The public health issues she has worked on include programs in tobacco cessation and education, substance abuse prevention and treatment, mental and behavioral health services, quality of life for the elderly, organ donation education, and promotion. One such effort included contributing to the American Lung Association’s Climb for Air. She is excited to work with GASP to help fulfill its mission of improving “air quality to ensure human, environmental, and economic health.” See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline.

Harold Rickenbacker

Harold Rickenbacker is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Harold also works part time at the Kingsley Association in East Liberty as a program manager on a grassroots Environmental Justice Project. Harold’s graduate research focuses on both indoor and ambient air quality, working to uncover relationships between air quality and a community’s perceived quality of life. Harold also does substantial research for the 2030 District in Pittsburgh, through life cycle assessment linking energy conservation to long term trends in spatio-temporal patterns of pollution across our region. Harold is a part of the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Group, Green Workplace Challenge Pittsburgh, National GEM Consortium: GRAD Lab, Cancer Free Economy, Health Cluster, Hill House Passport Academy Charter School mentor program, and Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Outdoor Spaces, and other environmentally-themed groups. See our Spotlight on a Board Member articles in our Hotline.

Kate St. John

Kate St. John is the 1st Vice President of GASP. Retired from WQED, she is an avid birder, nature observer and blogger at Outside My Window. Kate’s interest in air pollution goes back to the 1990’s when she was an active member in CHOC (Citizens Helping our Community), which helped defeat the Sun Coke Plant proposed for the Hazelwood LTV site.

Peri Unligil, MD

Peri Unligil is a physician with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, specializing in internal medicine, and is also a clinical assistant professor there. She studied biochemistry and then medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She is very interested in the influence of environmental exposures on human health, and in the health of our local and global environment. She has been a resident of Pittsburgh and member of the Allegheny Group of the Sierra Club for over ten years. See our Spotlight on a Board Member article in our Hotline (p. 9).