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Public Event | Allegheny County Air Advisory Committee Meeting


Allegheny County’s Air Pollution Control Advisory Committee’s meeting originally scheduled for Aug. 10 has been moved to 5:30 p.m. Aug. 24. The meeting will be held virtually.

The purpose of the change of date is to address a Mobile Source Emission Budget for the PM-2.5 SIP.  The emissions of the budget were included in the SIP analysis, but the discussion of a budget was not included.

This deficiency needs to be corrected. The Board of Health approved the correction to go to public comment from July 17 through Aug. 17, with a public hearing Aug. 17.

Those who wish to submit a public comment or those that wish to virtually attend the meeting may do so by emailing:

For those who are unfamiliar: The purpose of the Air Pollution Control Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the Board of Health regarding additions and/or changes to the air quality rules and regulations for Allegheny County. The committee also advises both the Health Department and the Board of Health on the management of air quality in Allegheny County.

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