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Get Involved

Fighting for cleaner air isn’t a job for only a few people. We need all hands on deck. You can assist GASP with a financial donation, or with a gift of your time. Volunteers can become Smoke Readers, write letters to newspapers, submit comments to officials when new regulations are proposed, and so much more!


Concerned for your community? Become a Smoke Reader!

Smoke Readers are volunteers who are trained and certified to recognize and understand visible emissions from smokestacks, what violations look like, and how to file reports. Smoke reading is an excellent way for citizens to take action in their own communities by observing facilities that are of concern to them. Readings by our volunteers increase regulatory scrutiny on polluters, as government inspectors can’t be at every facility at all times.

Here’s a great read-up of the program and what trained citizens can do from The Allegheny Front on December 14, 2018: “The Smoke Readers Who Keep Tabs on Air Pollution.”

Please contact for more information.


Smell Something? Say Something! Here's How

Smelling a “rotten egg” odor? This is likely coming from hydrogen sulfide. If you are smelling foul odors or seeing heavy smoke, you may be witnessing a violation of county or state regulations. ACHD has a hydrogen sulfide monitor in Liberty Borough and it records violations of our hydrogen sulfide standard dozens of times each year.

Suspect a Violation? Other Ways to Be a Watchdog

If you see smoke or smell something off, there are a number of actions you can take to help improve local air quality.

In Allegheny County, call the Allegheny County Health Department at (412) 687-ACHD, or file a complaint online.

In southwestern Pennsylvania, outside of Allegheny County, call PA DEP at (412) 442-4184  or go online to file a complaint. Call (412) 442-4000 for emergencies.

Please let GASP know if you contact ACHD or DEP and how your complaint was handled.

GASP consistently receives complaints from community members about foul odors and thick smoke. Please call ACHD or DEP every time you notice these problems. Let your officials know that you want polluters to be held accountable and that you want the laws and regulations enforced.

Here are some other ways you can be an air quality ambassador:


Upcoming Events

Public Event | Allegheny County Health Department Air Advisory Committee Meeting

Allegheny County Health Department Air Quality Program First Floor Conference Room 301 39th Street, Building 7 Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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