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The Hotline

The Hotline is GASP’s biannual newsletter, where we go in-depth on some of the topics we work on daily.

Fall 2019

  • Michelle Madoff Award of Environmental Excellence Winners Honored
  • GASP’s Key Accomplishments in 50 Years
  • GASP at 50: Remembrances from an Original GASPer
  • Oct. 1 Proclaimed “GASP Day”
  • After 50 Years: Remembering GASP Founder Michelle Madoff
  • Just Call Him Richard: Son of Dirty Gertie Unearthed at GASP Archives
  • 50th Anniversary Gala
  • GASP’s Founding Activists an Inspiration for Citizen Environmentalists book
  • GASP’s Legacy
  • Thank You Event Sponsors
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Amanda Gillooly
Show Topics

Spring 2019

  • Pittsburgh Announces First Clean Construction Project
  • Seeking nominations for the Michelle Madoff Award of Environmental Excellence
  • Remembering Walter Goldburg, 1927-2018
  • Clairton Coke Works: GASP’s Testimony
  • GASP’s 50 Years of Legal Work
  • GASP Board Member Honored with Carnegie Science Award
  • Welcome Amanda
  • Air Quality 101: Smell Something? Say Something!
  • February 2019 Poor Air Quality
  • Cancer Symposium Highlights Role of the Environment
  • Rethinking Wood Smoke
  • Air Adventures: A Summer Camp with GASP
  • GASP’s Air Quality Kits Funded by Allegheny County Clean Air Fund
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Chelsea Hilty
  • Save the Date: GASP Turns 50
Show Topics

Fall 2018

  • Health Department Tracks Down Source of “Rotten Egg” Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions
  • Funds for Air Quality Improvements Should Not Be Used to Renovate Office Space
  • ACHD Commits to Clear Permit Backlog After EPA Scrutiny
  • Pittsburgh Sinusitis Research Team Shows that Sinus Disease is Associated with Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution
  • GASP in Action Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Dave Litton GASP’s 50th Anniversary
Show Topics

Spring 2018

  • Backlog Permit Problem Remains in Southwestern PA
  • Become an Air Ambassador
  • On The Air: GASP’s Monthly Podcast
  • GASP as Legal Watchdog
  • Rallying for Clean Air
  • A Successful GASP-toberfest
  • Join Our 50th Anniversary Planning Committee
  • GASP’s Second Annual Summer Camp
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Emily Persico
  • Join us for a Potluck Picnic in the Park
Show Topics

Fall 2017

  • No Idling! Young Lungs at Work
  • A Connection Made: Physical Activity, Asthma, and Air Pollution
  • Athletes United for Healthy Air
  • Smelly Hydrogen Sulfide has a Legal Limit but that Standard is Frequently Violated
  • McConway & Torley and ATI Brackenridge Still Do Not Have Operating Permits
  • GASP for Clean Air! Sources, Symptoms, and Solutions: An Air Quality Exhibit at Assemble
  • GASP’s First Air Quality Summer Camp a Success
  • Idling: Myth vs. Fact
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Harold Rickenbacker
  • GASP in Action: Bicycle Air Monitor Tour
Show Topics

Spring 2017

  • Cuts to EPA Budget Will Significantly Impact Southwestern PA
  •  GASP’s 2016 Year in Review
  •  Pittsburgh Public School Buses Get Cleaner, But More Work Is Needed
  •  GASP Air Quality Camp
  •  Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: James Fabisiak
  •  Remembering Marilyn Skolnick
  •  Save the Date: Making the Connection and GASP-toberfest
Show Topics

Fall 2016

  • Almost One-Third of Major Sources of Air Pollution in Southwestern PA Do Not Have a Current Operating Permit
  • Will the City of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Public Schools Enforce Cleaner Diesel Rules?
  • GASP in Action (Part 1)
  • To Burn or Not to Burn
  • GASP at the Aviary Event
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Michelle Fanzo
  • GASP in Action (Part 2)
  • Smell PGH
Show Topics

Spring 2016

  • A Change in the Air After the Closure of the Shenango Coke Plant
  • Reducing Methane and Volatile Organic Compounds Through State and Federal Action
  • Why Are Diesel Cars Exempt from Emissions Testing in Pennsylvania?
  • Local Effort to Learn About Indoor Air Pollution in Homes
  • Air Pollution and Health: Now it’s the Brain Too!
  • GASP in Action: Ozone Gardens
  • The Legacy of Lead in Flint and Beyond
  • Save the Date: GASP Night at the Aviary
Show Topics

Fall 2015

  • GASP Reaches Settlement Agreement with DEP & Tenaska
  • Helping Local Schools Reduce Diesel Emissions
  • Educating the Community About Air Pollution
  • The 2015 Clean Air Dash Was Scary Fun
  • Thanks to our Clean Air Dash Sponsors!
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Abby Resnick
  • On This Date in Pittsburgh Pollution History
  • GASP Member Event with Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Show Topics

Spring 2015

  • Permits for Major Sources of Air Pollution in Southwest PA Now Easily Accessible
  • How One Company Affects Lawrenceville’s Air Quality
  • GASP Legal Update
  • The Fight for Clean Air Continues on Neville Island
  • Pittsburgh Air Quality Activists Meet with EPA Administrator
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Roger Day
  • Second Graders Encourage You to Support GASP
  • GASP Clean Air Dash
Show Topics

Fall 2014

  • Medical Professionals for Healthy Air
  • The First Step to Reducing Diesel Emissions…Turn Off the Engine!
  • School Flag Program–Reaching New Heights!
  • GASP Legal Update
  • GASP’s 2nd Annual Clean Air Dash
  • Almost Heaven, Appalachia
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Jessica Tedrow
Show Topics

Spring 2014

  • Shenango and ACHD Enter into Consent Agreement after GASP Issues Notice of Intent to Sue
  • Saying Goodbye to Wellington Development’s Greene Energy Resource Recovery Project
  • You Can Read Books, But How About Reading Smoke?
  • Ten Regional School Flag Programs are Up, Up and Away!
  • From Grody to Green: GASP Competes in the Green Workplace Challenge
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: John Baillie
  • Save the Date: Clean Air Dash on October
  • GASP Board Ballot
Show Topics

Fall 2013

  • Tributes to GASP Founder Michele Madoff, 1928-2013
  • A Successful Clean Air Dash
  • GASP’s EPA School Flag Program Expands
  • GASP’s Recent Legal Actions Reduce Compressor Station Emissions
  • Air Monitoring Near Unconventional Shale Gas Operations in Southwest PA and West Virginia
  • The W&J College Center for Energy Policy and Management Encourages Sustainability
  • Clairton Students Get Clean Air Lessons
  • Think Twice Before Burning
  • Smokereader Urges Action for Shenango Coke
  • Clean Air Ideas: Submit Your Ideas!
Show Topics

Summer 2013

  • GASP Launches School Flag Program in Regent Square
  • Pittsburgh Air Is Improving, But We Still Have Work to Do
  • GASP Settles Appeal of Buffalo Compressor Station Air Permit
  • Dr. C. Arden Pope: A Driving Force in Regulating Air Pollution
  • Mobile Monitoring Part 3: Variability in Air Pollution in Allegheny County
  • The Air We Breathe: A Regional Summit on Asthma and Other Health Impacts of Air Pollution
  • The Choice Is Yours: Choose Green Energy
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • GASP in Action
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Karrie Kressler
  • Clean Air Dash and Festival
Show Topics

Winter 2013

  • Air Toxics Guidelines Updated in Allegheny County
  • Poetry Review: Once I Was Told the Air Was Not for Breathing
  • GASP’s Annual Event Features Bike Air Monitor, Mobile Air Quality Lab and More
  • Mobile Monitoring Part 2: Marcellus Shale Drilling and Your Air
  • Winners of the Green Workplace Challenge Tell All
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Sam Thomas
  • Delay in Clean Construction Law Continues
  • GASP 5K in the Works
Show Topics

Fall 2012

  • Cyclists and Smartphone Users Gather Air Quality Data
  • Ongoing Environmental Violations at Shenango
  • GASP Encourages Pollution Controls on Aging Compressor Stations to Reduce Emissions by 95%
  • Changed Landscape: Well Sites and Compressor Stations Associated with the Shale Gas Boom
  • What’s the Air Like in Your Neighborhood?  CMU’s Mobile Lab Investigates
  • Pittsburgh 2030 District
  • Schenley Park: Our Backyard Playground
  • Will Algae Oil Save Us?
Show Topics

Summer 2012

  • PNC Announces New Policy for Reducing Diesel Emissions
  • GASP Rallies Public to Comment on Frazer Twp. Compressor Station Permit
  • Stealth Jargon: The confusion of technical terms with their common sense lookalikes
  • DTE Shenango Update
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Laurie Anderson
  • Athletes United News
  • Hot Diggity Downward-Facing Dog
  • Join Us for GASP’s Open House
  • Having a Bad Air Day?
Show Topics

Spring 2012

  • Allegheny County’s First Marcellus Compressor Station Comes to Frazer Township
  • Can You Help Us Not Keep a Secret?
  • DTE Shenango Update
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • How Plants Can Affect Indoor Air Quality
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • Sandra Steingraber to speak at Washington & Jefferson College
  • Spotlight on a GASP Intern: Christine Rigby
  • Green Events
Show Topics

Winter 2012

  • 2011: GASP’s Year in Review
  • Volunteer Smokereaders Track Shenango Pollution
  • Lichens Monitor the Air
  • We Had a Ball at GASP’s Annual Event
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • Library Collection Honors Memory of Jacqueline Gerjuoy
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Lauren Burge
Show Topics

Fall 2011

  • Proposed Marcellus Regulations
  • Are Environmental Regulations Actually Bad for the Economy?
  • PennEnvironment Releases Ozone Report with GASP’s Athletes United Members
  • Expanding Pipelines and the Right of Eminent Domain
  • Cleaner Backhoes, Dump Trucks, and Cranes on Tap for City Construction Projects
  • Board of Health Approves Diesel Emissions Monitoring Project for Downtown Pittsburgh
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Thalia Gray
  • GASP Visits Phipps Amidst the Garlic and Tomatoes
  • Have a Ball with GASP on October 21
Show Topics

Summer 2011

  • UPMC Initiates Clean Construction Policy
  • Physical Activity and Temporal trends in Air Quality
  • Lester Lave, 1939-2011
  • Greening Your Bookshelf: Diary of an Eco-Outlaw and The Polluters
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Greg DiMedio
  • Save the Date: Have a Ball with GASP on October 21, 2011
Show Topics

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