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Spring 2011

  • PA DEP’s Marcellus Air Monitoring Studies
  • Introducing Athletes United for Healthy Air
  • The Radioactivity Threat from Marcellus Shale Fracking (links to referenced articles: “Radioactivity: A Description of Its Nature” and “Radioactivity in Marcellus Shale”)
  • Letter to Editor: People don’t willingly breathe polluted air
  • GASP in Action
  • The Clairton Saga and the Limits of Local Control
  • Whoosh!  GASP Breezes into Children’s Museum
  • Upcoming Events
  • Spotlight on a GASP Intern: Lara Nagle
  • New GASP Website
Show Topics

Winter 2011

  • Monitoring in the Marcellus Region
  • The Conference on Shale Gas Health Effects
  • GASP Challenges Chesapeake Energy Marcellus Shale Permits
  • GASP in the News in 2010
  • Soot: Now It’s Diabetes Too!
  • Recent Letters to the Editor from GASPers
  • What Did GASP Do in 2010?
  • The GASP Films of the 1970s
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • A Successful GASPtoberfest
Show Topics

Fall 2010

  • GASP Asks EPA to Strengthen Clean Air Transport Rule to Protect Southwestern Pennsylvania
  • Marcellus Shale: A Threat to Our Air
  • In the Marcellus Drilling Fields
  • Pitt GSPH Panel Discussion on Marcellus Shale
  • Board of Health approves a Clean Air Fund Expenditure Request to Cut Diesel Emissions from Construction Vehicles
  • Smoke School
  • Region’s Tugboats Get a Little Greener
  • Kids Passionate about Clean Air
  • Peddle-Paddle-Peduto: Ohio River Kayaking Tour on October 2
  • Of Costumes and Cookies
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • GASPtoberfest: GASP’s Fall Fundraiser on Saturday, October 16
Show Topics

Summer 2010

  • The American Lung Association State of the Air Report: Pittsburgh 3rd Worst in Nation for Short-Term Particle Pollution
  • Behind the Veil of Fragrance
  • CMU’s President Cohon Speaks about the Hidden Costs of Energy
  • RRI Cheswick Power Plant Update
  • Clean Construction Legislation Introduced for Pittsburgh Projects
  • Getting in the Door at the Variance Board
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • New Pediatric Environmental Medicine Center Addresses Childhood Asthma
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Zelda Curtiss
  • Fall for GASP
Show Topics

Spring 2010

  • GASP Efforts Lead to Emission and Opacity Limits at Steel Plant
  • Don’t Be Fuelish, Idling Makes No Cents! PA’s New Diesel Idling Law
  • Updates on GASP Campaigns
  • Marcellus Shale: Drilling Towards Financial Windfall or Environmental Heartbreak
  • GASP and National Politics
  • Earth Day 1970: 40 Years of Environmental Activism
  • Hays Woods Update
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • My Time Interning at GASP
  • Kudos to Two GASP Advisory Board Members
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Julie Burgo
  • Save the Date
  • Before You Flip That Switch: The Hidden Costs of Energy
Show Topics

Winter 2010

  • Air Quality Task Force Recommendations
  • Media Matters
  • Enforcement of Visible Emissions
  • GASP Weighs in on Clairton Particle Pollution
  • Reducing Diesel Emissions in the ‘Burgh
  • 40 Years of Environmental Accomplishments
  • Education and Advocacy in 2009
  • GASP Celebrates 40 Years and 40 Environmental Heroes
  • National Eco-Adventure Film Begins and Ends in Pittsburgh!
  • GASP’s Progressive Roots
  • Pittsburgh’s Green Buildings
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Jamin Bogi
  • Seeking GASP Board Nominees
Show Topics

Fall 2009

  • GASP’s 40th Anniversary will Honor 40 Environmental Heroes
  • $3.49 Million Recovery Act Funds to Help Cut Diesel Pollution in Pittsburgh
  • The Public Hearings of the Fall of 1969
  • Clarifying Clairton: Addressing Common Questions About Upgrades at the Clairton Coke Works
  • Board of Health Tables the Air Toxics Guidelines
  • GASPer Air Monitor is Back
  • That All-Too-Familiar Odor: Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Become a Smoke Reader
  • News from the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Green Eye Opens to Rave Reviews
  • Three Rivers Bioneers
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Ted Popovich
  • Tribute to Gerald H. F. Gardner, 1926-2009
  • Congratulations to Rachel Filippini
Show Topics

Summer 2009

  • Local Physicians Help Pittsburghers “Make The Connection” Between Air Pollution and Health
  • Healthy School Bus Campaign Wins Strong Protections for Kids’ Health
  • State of the Air and PG Letter to the Editor
  • 2009 GASPer Air Congress
  • GASP Provides Comment on PADEP Proposed Guidance for Coal Ash Disposal in Mines
  • What’s a Citizen Environmentalist?
  • Stream Buffer Rule Key to Victory for Hays Woods
  • Green Eye on Western Pennsylvania: GASP’s Juried Photography Exhibit
  • GASP is Seeking 40 Environmental Heroes
Show Topics

Spring 2009

  • Healthier Buses for Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Board of Health Attempts to Limit Role of Air Quality Advisory Committee
  • Federal Regulation of Coal Ash is on Its Way
  • Findlay Township Residents Concerned About Landfill Gas Emissions
  • A Personal Excursion Through Schenley Park
  • GASP is Seeking Environmental Heroes
  • The Black and Gold City Goes Green
  • PA DEP Adopts GASP Recommendations on Use of Gypsum Wallboard in Agricultural Soil
  • A Green Eye on Western Pennsylvania: GASP’s Juried Photography Exhibit
  • Spotlight on GASP Staff: Sue Seppi
  • Air, Heart, and Lungs: Making the Connection
Show Topics

Winter 2009

  • PA Diesel Idling Act Signed into Law
  • Money Available to Retrofit School Buses in Allegheny Co.
  • Asbestos and Large-Scale Residential Demolitions
  • Diesel Particulates Dominate Air Toxics Cancer Risk
  • Mullins Environmental Advocacy Competition
  • GASP Recognized for Civic Leadership
  • Could you be smoking out your neighbors?
  • Decline or Extinction: How PA is Changing the World
  • Donora Plus 60
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Peri Unligil
  • Pesticides–Best Food Choices
  • Become a Trained Smoke Reader
  • Nominate YOUR Environmental Hero
Show Topics

Fall 2008

  • Reducing Diesel Pollution in Clairton
  • Diesel Campaign Reaches Into the Community
  • Women in Action: We are Working Hard to Make Our Communities Healthier (by Teresa Heinz)
  • 2008 Good Government Awards
  • Grassroots Outreach in 2008
  • Do You Have Historical Photos of GASP in Action?
  • Spotlight on GASP Staff: Joe Osbourne
  • Bring the GASPer to Your Class
  • GASP & Good Friends
  • GASP Online
Show Topics

Summer 2008

  • Pittsburgh #1 Worst Air Ranking Shows Need for Action
  • Ten City Waste Haulers Go Green
  • Allegheny County Air Quality Program Remains Local
  • GASP Explores the Burning Issue of Waste Coal
  • Behind the Rhetoric: Clean Coal Technology
  • GASP Has a New GASPer Air Monitor
  • DCDG Features ZAP Cars and Smart Cars
  • Transportation Update
  • Get Involved: Join GASP’s Pollution Patrol Team
  • Environmental Charter School Now Enrolling
  • Roger Westman Honored
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: David Eibling
  • Save the Date for GASP’s Fall Party
Show Topics

Spring 2008

  • GASP Calls on the County Executive and Board of Health to Support and Strengthen the Local Air Quality Program
  • GASP Files Suit Against Greene County Waste Coal Power Plant
  • Air Pollution from a Coke Plant: a Billion Dollar Problem
  • Heart Health & Air Quality: What’s the Connection?
  • Energy: Lots of Players, Lots of Plans, But Is There a Clear Goal?
  • Mercury and Reproductive Health, Part III
  • Wood Smoke is a Severe Health Hazard: If You Can Smell It, You are Being Exposed
  • Spotlight on GASP Staff: Michael Parker
  • Support an Environmental Project by Fishing
Show Topics

Winter 2008

  • Allegheny County Air Quality Program at Risk!
  • Watchdog, Educator, Litigator and Policy-maker: The many faces of GASP in 2007
  • Environmental Quality Board Proposes Statewide Diesel Idling Regulation
  • Third Community Meeting Held in McKeesport with CSX Railroad
  • Coal and Our Future
  • Old School… New School… Green School
  • The Growing Scourge of Mercury Pollution, Part II
  • Good Friends of GASP Gather for a Celebration
  • Spotlight on GASP Staff: Lee Szymkiewicz
  • GASP Tours a Cutting Edge Renewable Energy Project
Show Topics

Fall 2007

  • It isn’t just getting into your lungs: The link between fine particulates and cardiovascular disease
  • Small Particles, Nanotechnology and Safety
  • GASP Goes Grassroots
  • Diesel Campaign Update
  • The Growing Scourge of Mercury Pollution
  • GASP at the Three Rivers Arts Festival
  • Education Corner: GASPer Air Monitor, Teacher Workshops, Switchgrass Farm Tour
  • Predictable Funding: Myth or Reality?
  • Cleaner, Greener Transportation in Pittsburgh
  • GASP’s Annual Fall Event
Show Topics

Summer 2007

  • Most livable city – least breathable ?
  • Allegheny County’s Draft Air Toxics Guideline
  • GASP in the Courts
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality
  • Drive Cleaner Drive Greener
  • Global Warming: We Are the Cause, We Are the Solution
  • The Problem with Carbon Dioxide
  • McKeesport and the CSX Rail Yard
  • Spotlight on the GASP Staff: Rachel Filippini
Show Topics

Spring 2007

  • Commuters Exposed to Air Pollution
  • EPA Proposes Cleaning Up Locomotive and Marine Diesel Engines
  • Effects of Air Pollution on Blood Pressure
  • Childhood Asthma
  • Hays Woods Update: Legal Maneuvers
  • Are We Being Taken for a Ride? PAT’s Route Cuts
  • GASP’s Spring 2007 Teacher Workshops
  • GASP’s Particulate Monitor in Action
  • Spotlight on the GASP Staff: Bridget Yupcavage
  • Drive Cleaner Drive Greener 2007: Promoting Fuel Efficient, Clean Vehicles
  • Help Wanted
Show Topics

Winter 2007

  • Year in Review: Highlights from 2006
  • Introduction of Cleaner-Burning Diesel Fuel Facilitates the Use of Advanced Pollution Controls for On-Road Diesel Vehicles
  • Updates on the PA Clean Vehicles Program and PA Mercury Rule
  • GASP Legal Update
  • Update: Reliant Cheswick Power Station
  • GASP at the Gallery: Fine Art, Food, Folks, and Fun
  • Hays Woods Update: Kudos to the DEP
  • Mon/Fayette Toll Road: Is the End Near?
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Janis Johnson
  • Sign Up for Free E-mail Air Pollution Alerts
  • Port Authority Bus Service Slashed
Show Topics

Fall 2006

  • Allegheny County Board of Health Approves $500,000 Grant to Clean Up Local School Buses
  • Bad Air Days
  • Cleaner Emissions in the Forecast for the Cheswick Power Station
  • GASP Receives Funding for Two Environmental Education Projects
  • Alternative Energy Program Series
  • Hays Woods Update
  • R.I.P. Mon/Fayette Expressway
  • GASP’s Fall 2006 Benefit (New Date!)
  • Ride Your Bike to Khalil’s and Support GASP
  • GASP Receives Bequest
Show Topics

Summer 2006

  • Comprehensive Campaign to Reduce Diesel Pollution Underway
  • Getting the Mercury Out: The Pennsylvania Debate
  • Scientists Sound Ultrafine Alarm
  • GASP Legal Update
  • Proposed COMs Regulation
  • Envisioning a Revitalized Community: From the Mayor of Braddock
  • Driving Cleaner and Greener with GASP
  • PA Hybrid Rebate Program
  • Join GASP Today
  • Save the Date for GASP’s Fall 2006 Benefit Event
  • Help Wanted: Treasurer
Show Topics

Spring 2006

  • Progress Continues in Cheswick
  • County Considers Continuous Opacity Monitors
  • GASP Members Speak at Public Hearing on Proposed Changes to PM Standards
  • Federal Court Unanimously Rejects Rollback of Clean Air Protections
  • Clean Air Fund Victory
  • Air Pollution Studies at Carnegie Mellon University
  • GASP’s Brown Bag Lunch Series
  • Hybrid Buses in the Neighborhood
  • Make a Difference: Volunteer with GASP
  • Notecards for Sale
  • Drive Cleaner, Driver Greener 2006
Show Topics

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