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2015 Press

“Advocates ask Pittsburgh Public Schools to use school buses with cleaner diesel emissions,” Pittsburgh City Paper, December 18, 2015.

“Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge winners reduced landfill waste, cut water usage and more,” Pittsburgh City Paper, December 17, 2015.

“More expensive summer blend gasoline may go away for Pittsburgh,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 15, 2015.

“Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge winners: how they did it,” NEXT Pittsburgh, December 8, 2015.

“Winners announced in Green Workplace Challenge,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, December 2, 2015.

“Composting site in Cranberry could pose problems,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, November 24, 2015.

“Environmentalists urge feds to enforce rules on power plant emissions cuts,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, November 12, 2015.

“EPA hearings in Pittsburgh bring out climate activists,” StateImpact PA/Allegheny Front, November 12, 2015.

“Leaf collection sucks up funding in Western Pa. communities,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, November 11, 2015.

“Coke Plants Are Still Among the Top Polluters in Allegheny County,” Allegheny Front, October 30, 2015.

“Dirty Air Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis Flares,” Healthline, October 29, 2015.

“New report ranks Allegheny County’s top 10 air polluters,” WPXI, October 27, 2015.

“Railroads should join civic groups in a mission to improve air quality,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 11, 2015.

“Turning Bikes into Smog-Sensing Machines,” Allegheny Front, October 2, 2015.

“Diesel pollution remedies must not be ignored,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 27, 2015.

“Health happenings for Tuesday, Sept. 15,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 15, 2015.

“What do you think of your commute? Pittsburgh officials create regional survey,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 14, 2015.

“Allegheny County Health Department tells Shenango to fix problems at Neville Island coke plant,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 8, 2015.

“Clean up the Shenango coke works,” Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, September 3, 2015.

“Tenaska agrees to provide pollution information on proposed South Huntingdon plant,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 1, 2015.

“Industrial attraction: How Pittsburgh treats Shenango coke plant can hurt recruiting,” Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, August 25, 2015.

“Sustainable Pittsburgh Calls On Local Employers To Help Improve Air Quality,” WESA, August 24, 2015.

“GASP to hold event on pollution and autism tomorrow night,” Pittsburgh City Paper, August 21, 2015.

“Stagnant air brings an odor of rotten eggs to Pittsburgh suburbs,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 20, 2015.

“New Citizen Science Equipment for Monitoring Air Quality,” Green Optimistic, August 17, 2015.

“You can strap sensors to your bike or baby stroller to help monitor air quality,” TreeHugger, August 13, 2015.

“What you–yes, you–can do to improve Pittsburgh’s air quality,” Nextpittsburgh, August 10, 2015.

“County aims for a Healthier Allegheny,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 24, 2015.

“DEP issues permit to Shell for possible ethane cracker,” StateImpact, June 22, 2015.

“Allegheny County Health Department: First Round of Lawrenceville Steel Foundry Testing Finished,” Pittsburgh City Paper, June 10, 2015.

“Lawrenceville foundry exceeds emissions goal,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 4, 2015.

“Pennsylvania OKs Key Environmental Permits for NatGas Power Plant,” Natural Gas Intelligence, May 27, 2015.

“Foes of South Huntingdon gas-fired plant fight approval,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 25, 2015.

“School bus pollution is dangerous, and efforts to control it are still uneven,”, May 21, 2015.

“Foundry issue: Clean air,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 15, 2015.

“Foundry vs. health,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 14, 2015.

“Is a debate over a Lawrenceville foundry just about clean air–or is the neighborhood’s future growth at odds with its industrial past?” Pittsburgh City Paper, May 13, 2015.

“GASP: Pittsburgh Environmental Group’s ’60s Roots,” Allegheny Front, May 1, 2015.

“Cleaning the Air One School Bus at a Time,” Allegheny Front, May 1, 2015.

“State of the Air: Pittsburgh Still Not Breathing Easy,” Allegheny Front, April 30, 2015.

“McConway and Torley steel foundry under fire in trendy Lawrenceville,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 30, 2015.

“Cardiologist to Present on Connections between Air Pollution and Heart Health,” Pittsburgh City Paper, April 29, 2015.

“Gateway Middle School puts the ‘A’ in STEAM,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 24, 2015.

“Allegheny County Health Department hears concerns, support on Lawrenceville steel foundry,” Pittsburgh City Paper, April 15, 2015.

“Permit limiting hazardous emissions at McConway and Torley Foundry could reduce production, employees,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 15, 2015.

“Activist entertains and informs with ‘Communitopia’ environmental-outreach program,” Pittsburgh City Paper, April 15, 2015.

“Check out the major sources of air pollution in Allegheny County,” PublicSource, April 6, 2015.

“Sierra Club tries to drum up support to cut emissions from Springdale power plant,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 3, 2015.

“Environmental group might appeal dismissal against Shenango Inc.,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 31, 2015.

“Judge dismisses group’s lawsuit against Neville Island coke plant,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 27, 2015.

“Few Weeks Remain on Allegheny County Health Department public-comment period for Lawrenceville foundry,” Pittsburgh City Paper, March 26, 2015.

“Protesters complain about Shenango Inc. emissions,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 21, 2015.

“Residents give ‘Closed-Window Award’ to Neville Island’s Shenango coke plant,” Pittsburgh City Paper, March 20, 2015.

“City’s decision to use clean-diesel legislation on Greenfield Bridge project hinges on state,” Pittsburgh City Paper, March 11, 2015.

“Allegheny County residents carry fight against Shenango Inc. coke works to local governments,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 16, 2015.

“Study affirms diesel emissions technology, boosting efforts to replace old engines,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 10, 2015.

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