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Extraction: Episode 3, “Air”

Extraction: Episode 3, "Air"

Extraction is a three-part podcast that traces the history of the United States Steel Corporation (the world’s first billion-dollar company) from its founding in 1901 through today, presenting stories of people and places from which U.S. Steel has extracted natural resources and labor.

Part three (“Air”) discusses U.S. Steel’s continued impact on the local environment, specifically focusing on the issue of air quality. Interspersed with interviews with local residents, the final episode explores the company’s social and environmental legacy, and connects the local struggle for clean air to the larger, global fight for a healthy environment and a stable climate.

For those who may have missed it: Part one (“Ore”) examines the creation of U.S. Steelthe origin of two of steel’s critical ingredientsiron ore and coal, and how the extraction of these resources has impacted the people and regions that have supplied them.

Part two (“Steel) considers the rise and decline of the steel industry in and around Pittsburgh, the pivotal role of unions in the fight for more fair and humane working conditions, and how thstory of steel has – and continues – to be shaped by larger global forces.

This project was supported by a Graduate Student Assistantship in Public History with Pitt’s World History Center and is being produced by Chie Togami, a Ph.D. candidate whose research interests span environmental sociology, political sociology, social movements, and genderShe is a current recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh where she is working on her dissertation project consisting of a cross-national comparative study of climate change movements in the United States and the United Kingdom. For the dissertation project, she examines the ability of social movements to combat climate change by addressing the following questions:

1) How do movement organizations develop effective strategies and tactics?

2) How does national context affect the strategies and outcomes of the climate change movements?

Chie received her B.A. in Environmental Policy from Williams College in 2013 and completed her M.A. in Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh in 2017.

Editor’s Note: Join us Oct. 7, 2021, for a presentation and conversation about the series with Chie and special guests. Get more info on the event and how to register here.

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