Individual Athlete Tip Sheet

Healthy individuals who want to exercise outside can minimize their exposure to pollution by following these tips:

  • Work out in the early morning or early evening when pollution levels are generally lower.  Click here to access an in-depth look into when PM2.5 and ozone spike throughout the day.
  • Avoid congested streets.  The more traffic there is, the more pollution you’ll be breathing.  Take a side street–even if it’s only one block away, it’ll make a big difference.  A brief article explaining this can be found here.
  • Alter your workout location or activity to avoid pollution.  Head to a park or indoors for exercise, where pollution will be lower,  especially on Air Quality Action days.
  • Nasal breathing is helpful in filtering out asthma triggers like dust and pollen, and keeps the incoming air the proper temperature and moisture level.  Read more here.