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Allegheny County’s Off-Road/Construction Idling Regulation

In May 2009, Allegheny County passed the “In-Use Off-Road Diesel Powered Mobile Equipment Engine Idling Regulation.” No vehicles or engines subject to the regulation may idle for more than five consecutive minutes, with exemptions for times when idling may be necessary, such as to bring equipment up to proper operating temperature.

Vehicles subject to the regulation are used in construction, mining, rental, landscaping, recycling, landfilling, manufacturing, warehousing, composting, airport ground support equipment, industrial, and other operations, and must have a horsepower of 25 or greater. This regulation does not apply to stationary or portable equipment, equipment or vehicles used in agricultural operations, or equipment at ports or intermodal rail yards.

If you see a violation of Allegheny County’s Off-Road Idling Regulation call the Allegheny County Health Department at 412-687-ACHD or email a complaint.

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