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River Vessels

When we think diesel emissions we usually picture black smoke billowing from a truck or school bus. While that unfortunately occurs quite often, a significant amount of diesel pollution in Allegheny County comes from river vessels.

A Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) grant awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency in July of 2010 helped reduce diesel pollution from our riverways.

The more than $1.1 million grant was awarded to the Port of Pittsburgh Commission to oversee the extensive repowering of four marine towing vessels (8 engines) with cleaner, more fuel efficient diesel engines and generators. The Port of Pittsburgh and three private participating companies (Campbell Transportation Company, Consol Energy and River Salvage, Inc.) more than matched the EPA’s grant with their own $1.97 million. The upgrades cut five tons of particulate matter, 112 tons of nitrogen oxides, 15 tons of carbon monoxide, and two tons of hydrocarbons from our air.

“EPA grant to help green the Port of Pittsburgh; diesel emissions will be significantly reduced,” EPA News Release, July 28, 2010.

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