The Hotline is GASP’s biannual newsletter. We started archiving select Hotline articles online in 1997 (see links below). Starting with the Summer 2004 issue, the entire newsletter is available as PDF files.

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Spring 2018

  • Backlog Permit Problem Remains in Southwestern PA
  • Become an Air Ambassador
  • On The Air: GASP’s Monthly Podcast
  • GASP as Legal Watchdog
  • Rallying for Clean Air
  • A Successful GASP-toberfest
  • Join Our 50th Anniversary Planning Committee
  • GASP’s Second Annual Summer Camp
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member
  • Join us for a Potluck Picnic in the Park

Fall 2017

  • No Idling! Young Lungs at Work
  • A Connection Made: Physical Activity, Asthma, and Air Pollution
  • Athletes United for Healthy Air
  • Smelly Hydrogen Sulfide has a Legal Limit but that Standard is Frequently Violated
  • McConway & Torley and ATI Brackenridge Still Do Not Have Operating Permits
  • GASP for Clean Air! Sources, Symptoms, and Solutions: An Air Quality Exhibit at Assemble
  • GASP’s First Air Quality Summer Camp a Success
  • Idling: Myth vs. Fact
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Harold Rickenbacker
  • GASP in Action: Bicycle Air Monitor Tour

Spring 2017

  •  Cuts to EPA Budget Will Significantly Impact Southwestern PA
  •  GASP’s 2016 Year in Review
  •  Pittsburgh Public School Buses Get Cleaner, But More Work Is Needed
  •  GASP Air Quality Camp
  •  Spotlight on a GASP Board Member
  •  Remembering Marilyn Skolnick
  •  Save the Date: Making the Connection and GASP-toberfest

Fall 2016

  • Almost One-Third of Major Sources of Air Pollution in Southwestern PA Do Not Have a Current Operating Permit
  • Will the City of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Public Schools Enforce Cleaner Diesel Rules?
  • GASP in Action (Part 1)
  • To Burn or Not to Burn
  • GASP at the Aviary Event
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member
  • GASP in Action (Part 2)
  • Smell PGH

Spring 2016

  • A Change in the Air After the Closure of the Shenango Coke Plant
  • Reducing Methane and Volatile Organic Compounds Through State and Federal Action
  • Why Are Diesel Cars Exempt from Emissions Testing in Pennsylvania?
  • Local Effort to Learn About Indoor Air Pollution in Homes
  • Air Pollution and Health: Now it’s the Brain Too!
  • GASP in Action: Ozone Gardens
  • The Legacy of Lead in Flint and Beyond
  • Save the Date: GASP Night at the Aviary

Fall 2015

  • GASP Reaches Settlement Agreement with DEP & Tenaska
  • Helping Local Schools Reduce Diesel Emissions
  • Educating the Community About Air Pollution
  • The 2015 Clean Air Dash Was Scary Fun
  • Thanks to our Clean Air Dash Sponsors!
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member
  • On This Date in Pittsburgh Pollution History
  • GASP Member Event with Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Spring 2015

  • Permits for Major Sources of Air Pollution in Southwest PA Now Easily Accessible
  • How One Company Affects Lawrenceville’s Air Quality
  • GASP Legal Update
  • The Fight for Clean Air Continues on Neville Island
  • Pittsburgh Air Quality Activists Meet with EPA Administrator
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member
  • Second Graders Encourage You to Support GASP
  • GASP Clean Air Dash

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