2004 Hotlines

Fall 2004

  • Spotlight on GASP Founder: Michelle Madoff
  • For 35 Years GASP Plays Prominent Role in Region’s Fight for Cleaner Air
  • GASP’s Key Accomplishments in 35 Years
  • Smart Cookie Jeannette Widom to Join in 35th Anniversary Celebration
  • GASP 35th Anniversary Event
  • U.S. Senate Candidate Forum
  • Closer Scrutiny Required
  • Every Vote Counts
  • School Bus Idling Comes To a Halt!
  • Hays Woods Website
  • HOLT Seeks to Acquire Land in Western Allegheny County
  • GASP’s Moving Wish List
  • GASP Job Opening

Summer 2004

  • Breathing Easier in the ‘Burgh: GASP Settlement Agreement
  • Winds of Change Blow Through GASP
  • Diesel Anti-Idling Ordinance
  • Speaking Out Against Mercury Pollution
  • GASP Introduces the Public to “Green” Cars
  • Presentation of Environmental Advocacy Award at 2004 GASPer Air Congress
  • Hays Woods Update
  • Four New Board Members Join ACHD
  • Haiku: Nature-Based Poetry
  • GASP’s Moving Wish List
  • GASP Job Opening
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Marla Ferrency

Winter 2004