2005 Hotlines

Fall 2005

  • Update: Shenango, Inc. and the Law
  • GASP Gears Up for Fall Event: “Transportation Solutions”
  • GASP Legal Update
  • Citizens Will Play Critical Role in Enforcing New Idling Regulation
  • The Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program
  • GASP President Responds to Inaccurate News Article
  • Brewin’ Biodiesel
  • Artist Gifts GASP with Powerful Environmental Image
  • Interest Fuels Youth
  • Long Live Wine
  • Join GASP Today

Summer 2005

  • Shenango’s Pollution Problems
  • Adopt a School Bus with GASP: Providing a Cleaner Ride for Allegheny County Students
  • GASP Appeals Two DEP Actions
  • GASP Events Showcase Hybrid Cars
  • A Breath of Fresh Air: How a Mother of Six Is Fighting a Power Plant
  • 2005 GASPer Air Congress
  • 2005 Award Recipients of the William W. Mullins Environmental Advocacy Competition
  • Status of Permit Application for Hays Woods
  • The Forest in the City
  • Generation Y: Changing the World
  • Air Quality and YOU Teacher Workshop
  • Save the Date for GASP’s Fall Benefit
  • Corporate Environmental Responsibility Event
  • Join GASP Today

Spring 2005

  • GASP’s Diesel Campaign Continues
  • Breathe Easy. Stop Idling. We Can All Play a Part
  • E-mail Air Pollution Alerts
  • EPA Signs Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) Into Law; Clear Skies Dies In Committee
  • When Can I Fill ‘er Up–With Hydrogen?
  • What America’s High School Students Think About Their Freedoms
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Maren Cooke
  • Join GASP Today
  • Drive Cleaner Drive Greener 2005

Winter 2005

  • 2004 Year in Review
  • Progress Continues on Anti-Idling Front
  • Soot Designations: An Opportunity to Clean Up Our Air
  • Electricty from Waste Coal
  • GASP Annual Benefit Gazes into the Future
  • Event Survey
  • Health Impacts of Transportation Planning Policies
  • Traffic Pollution and School Students’ Health
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Karen Grzywinski
  • Join GASP Today
  • Idling Violation Notice