2007 Hotlines

Fall 2007

  • It isn’t just getting into your lungs: The link between fine particulates and cardiovascular disease
  • Small Particles, Nanotechnology and Safety
  • GASP Goes Grassroots
  • Diesel Campaign Update
  • The Growing Scourge of Mercury Pollution
  • GASP at the Three Rivers Arts Festival
  • Education Corner: GASPer Air Monitor, Teacher Workshops, Switchgrass Farm Tour
  • Predictable Funding: Myth or Reality?
  • Cleaner, Greener Transportation in Pittsburgh
  • GASP’s Annual Fall Event

Summer 2007

  • Most livable city – least breathable ?
  • Allegheny County’s Draft Air Toxics Guideline
  • GASP in the Courts
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality
  • Drive Cleaner Drive Greener
  • Global Warming: We Are the Cause, We Are the Solution
  • The Problem with Carbon Dioxide
  • McKeesport and the CSX Rail Yard
  • Spotlight on the GASP Staff: Rachel Filippini

Spring 2007

  • Commuters Exposed to Air Pollution
  • EPA Proposes Cleaning Up Locomotive and Marine Diesel Engines
  • Effects of Air Pollution on Blood Pressure
  • Childhood Asthma
  • Hays Woods Update: Legal Maneuvers
  • Are We Being Taken for a Ride? PAT’s Route Cuts
  • GASP’s Spring 2007 Teacher Workshops
  • GASP’s Particulate Monitor in Action
  • Spotlight on the GASP Staff: Bridget Yupcavage
  • Drive Cleaner Drive Greener 2007: Promoting Fuel Efficient, Clean Vehicles
  • Help Wanted

Winter 2007

  • Year in Review: Highlights from 2006
  • Introduction of Cleaner-Burning Diesel Fuel Facilitates the Use of Advanced Pollution Controls for On-Road Diesel Vehicles
  • Updates on the PA Clean Vehicles Program and PA Mercury Rule
  • GASP Legal Update
  • Update: Reliant Cheswick Power Station
  • GASP at the Gallery: Fine Art, Food, Folks, and Fun
  • Hays Woods Update: Kudos to the DEP
  • Mon/Fayette Toll Road: Is the End Near?
  • Spotlight on a Board Member: Janis Johnson
  • Sign Up for Free E-mail Air Pollution Alerts
  • Port Authority Bus Service Slashed