2012 Hotlines

Fall 2012

  • Cyclists and Smartphone Users Gather Air Quality Data
  • Ongoing Environmental Violations at Shenango
  • GASP Encourages Pollution Controls on Aging Compressor Stations to Reduce Emissions by 95%
  • Changed Landscape: Well Sites and Compressor Stations Associated with the Shale Gas Boom
  • What’s the Air Like in Your Neighborhood?  CMU’s Mobile Lab Investigates
  • Pittsburgh 2030 District
  • Schenley Park: Our Backyard Playground
  • Will Algae Oil Save Us?

Summer 2012

  • PNC Announces New Policy for Reducing Diesel Emissions
  • GASP Rallies Public to Comment on Frazer Twp. Compressor Station Permit
  • Stealth Jargon: The confusion of technical terms with their common sense lookalikes
  • DTE Shenango Update
  • Spotlight on a GASP Board Member: Laurie Anderson
  • Athletes United News
  • Hot Diggity Downward-Facing Dog
  • Join Us for GASP’s Open House
  • Having a Bad Air Day?

Spring 2012

  • Allegheny County’s First Marcellus Compressor Station Comes to Frazer Township
  • Can You Help Us Not Keep a Secret?
  • DTE Shenango Update
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • How Plants Can Affect Indoor Air Quality
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • Sandra Steingraber to speak at Washington & Jefferson College
  • Spotlight on a GASP Intern: Christine Rigby
  • Green Events

Winter 2012

  • 2011: GASP’s Year in Review
  • Volunteer Smokereaders Track Shenango Pollution
  • Lichens Monitor the Air
  • We Had a Ball at GASP’s Annual Event
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • Library Collection Honors Memory of Jacqueline Gerjuoy
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member: Lauren Burge