2013 Hotlines

Fall 2013

  • Tributes to GASP Founder Michele Madoff, 1928-2013
  • A Successful Clean Air Dash
  • GASP’s EPA School Flag Program Expands
  • GASP’s Recent Legal Actions Reduce Compressor Station Emissions
  • Air Monitoring Near Unconventional Shale Gas Operations in Southwest PA and West Virginia
  • The W&J College Center for Energy Policy and Management Encourages Sustainability
  • Clairton Students Get Clean Air Lessons
  • Think Twice Before Burning
  • Smokereader Urges Action for Shenango Coke
  • Clean Air Ideas: Submit Your Ideas!

Summer 2013

  • GASP Launches School Flag Program in Regent Square
  • Pittsburgh Air Is Improving, But We Still Have Work to Do
  • GASP Settles Appeal of Buffalo Compressor Station Air Permit
  • Dr. C. Arden Pope: A Driving Force in Regulating Air Pollution
  • Mobile Monitoring Part 3: Variability in Air Pollution in Allegheny County
  • The Air We Breathe: A Regional Summit on Asthma and Other Health Impacts of Air Pollution
  • The Choice Is Yours: Choose Green Energy
  • Greening Your Bookshelf
  • GASP in Action
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member
  • Clean Air Dash and Festival

Winter 2013

  • Air Toxics Guidelines Updated in Allegheny County
  • Poetry Review: Once I Was Told the Air Was Not for Breathing
  • GASP’s Annual Event Features Bike Air Monitor, Mobile Air Quality Lab and More
  • Mobile Monitoring Part 2: Marcellus Shale Drilling and Your Air
  • Winners of the Green Workplace Challenge Tell All
  • Spotlight on a GASP Staff Member
  • Delay in Clean Construction Law Continues
  • GASP 5K in the Works